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Trevor J.M. Bench-Capon

Department of Computer Science
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 7ZF, UK

email tbc at csc.liv.ac.uk


I retired from employment at the end of September 2012.and am now an Honorary Visiting Professor in the Department.
I intend to keep up some research activities.

Research Interests


Full Bibliography.


Some more links to papers and abstracts (and bibtex) can be found from the DBLP Bibliography Server.

A fairly comprehensive bibliography is also on my Google Scholar page.


Ph D students supervised.


Artificial Intelligence and Law

I was awarded (jointly with Henry Prakken and Giovanni Sartor) the 2023 Codex Prize.


Editor in Chief Artificial Intelligence and Law Journal

Artificial Intelligence and Law: Special Issue marking 25 years of the International Conference on AI and Law: (2012) 20:3 pages 215-319. 


Artificial Intelligence and Law: HYPO’s Legacy: a  comprehensive survey of 30 years of work on this topic

ICAIL 2013 in Rome.  Photos at International Association for AI and Law

ICAIL Workshop on Argumentation in AI and Law: Rome June 10th 2013.  Post Workshop Resources Page.


ICAIL 2015 in San Diego. Photos.  Photo


 ICAIL 2017 at Kings College, London. Photos at International Association for AI and Law.


ICAIL 2019 at University of Montreal. Photos at International Association for AI and Law.


Article on the future of AI in Law (taken from Raconteur, published in the Times).

Podcast by Katie Atkinson on AI and Law.

Eclipse Modern Law Award 2019  

Lord Chief Justice’s AI Advisory Group


AI and Law Bibliographies:




COMMA 2012 –Vienna

I was honoured to be invited to give the opening talk at this conference. The Long and Winding Road: Forty Years of Argumentation.
You can see the slides or the accompanying text. Picture 1. Picture 2.


DEXA 2013 – Prague

Slides of my keynote talk Structuring E-Participation in Policy Making through Argumentation can be found here

Festschrift: 22nd November 2013

Thanks to Katie Atkinson, Henry Prakken and Adam Wyner for organising a Festschrift to mark my 60th birthday. Thanks also to all who contributed to the book, and all those who attended on the day. Picture.


Biographical Note

University Challenge

Meditation on the Trinity

Complete Religious Writings

My D.Phil Thesis Can God be an Object of Reference?  Is available on-line.

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