Winter 2020: Twilight Workshops

Enhance your Python teaching with engaging robotics resources in two twilight workshops at our leading centre for computer science-related research and education. We have combined our expertise in robotics and the teaching of programming to enhance student engagement with Python using both physical and virtual robots based on 4tronix Pi2Go and 4tronix Initio platforms.


Overview of the resources: How to improve engagement with text-based programming using interactive resources; set up and use of virtual robots; set up and use of raspberry pi based robots; teaching of key features of Python (choice decided by class can include basic topics, functions, data structures and objects) through robotic themed projects.

Practical sessions: Covering the set up and use of both virtual and real robots; plus an overview of common problems and troubleshooting.

Resources: You will be supplied with copies of all the virtual resources, worksheets, exercises and projects used during the workshops. Any school that sends a representative to both sessions will also be donated one of the actual robots for use to enhance teaching in the school.

No prior knowledge is necessary - the workshops are designed to engage a wide range of participants. Some experience of Python programming would be helpful, but not necessary.


Session 1
Wednesday 5th February 16:30 - 18:30
Session 2
Wednesday 12th February 16:30 - 18:30


Session 1
Introduction to the Python Robotics Resources. Set up and use of virtual robots. Choice of example projects: Obstacle Avoidance (Simple Python concepts, conditionals and loops), Edge Following (Variables, data types and functions), Machine Learning (data structures) and Cognitive Agent Programming (Objects orientation).
Session 2
Set up and use of real robots. Common problems and trouble-shooting. Further work on example projects with a comparison of the behaviour of virtual and real robots.


All workshops will be held in the Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, Ashton Street, Liverpool, L69 3BX.


Registration costs £25.00 and covers all four workshops.

You can register for the workshop here.


For any queries, please contact:

Course Organiser: Louise Dennis