Undergraduate Staff-Student Liaison Committee

Welcome to the Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) web pages.

The current committee speaks:

It is the intention of student members of the committee to offer their perspective on Liverpool's computer science department, with the aim of actively contributing to the continued improvement of the department, for both students and staff.

We welcome the majority of changes that have taken place within the department over the past few years and appreciate the level of commitment shown by members of staff in bringing about these necessary changes. Student members of the committee are encouraged by the positive attitude the department has shown towards suggestions we have tabled.

Student members of the SSLC are aware that our department is not perfect, but we are fully committed to the continued improvement of Liverpool's computer science department, and to maintaining the current level of co-operation between staff and students.

It is in the interest of every student that our department is as strong and healthy as we can make it; to ensure that when we graduate our degree is a true reflection of the time and effort we invested while reading for it, this should also ensure that our degree maintains its value.

So, 'get involved', It's in your own interest!