The past years have witnessed unprecedented levels of investment in the e-Health sector, both in terms of research effort, and in terms of funding, as well as a great public interest. e-Health can be broadly defined as the application of IT (especially Internet technologies) to improve the access, efficiency, effectiveness and quality of any processes (clinical and business alike) related to health care. In the e-Health vision, intelligent systems would, for example, enable:

  1. citizens to take more control of their well-being, by accessing personalised and qualified health information, both medical and pedagogical, and accessing appropriate medical care from their homes;

  2. health professionals to manage their activity more efficiently, by receiving relevant and timely updates; and

  3. teams of health professionals to work together more effectively, coordinating their activities, sharing their knowledge about the patients they are collectively taking care of, and ensuring the best coordinated care is provided.

The 4th workshop on Personalisation for e-Health intends to consolidate the trend started with the first two editions of the workshop, held at UM 2005 in Edinburgh and UM 2007 in Corfu, and the special session of the 21st IEEE CBMS conference, held in Jyväskylä, Finland in 2008.