Disc Quota

  Disc quotas are enforced on the central Computer Science filestore.  Quotas prevent issues with
low disc space that can affect running applications and user logins,

  Quotas are set for each user on their Linux home directory: the standard quota currently allocated is  40G
An additional quota limits the number of files that can be created by one user.

* Checking Quotas

From a Linux system The standard  method of checking on disc quotas is to run  the  quota command.
If this command is not available on your Linux work-station then you can request its installation.

In the following  example the user "fred" displays his current disc block usage and count of files: 

Although the home directory path shown is to that of another user ("joe") the quota listed belongs to "fred". The quota command lists the first mounted home directory that it can find - in our environment all homes are located under a root /home file system.
Nb the reporting of quotas is done by the RPC quotad service; running on the CS fileserver. Quotad supports reading quota from NFS and locally mounted file systems. If your MAC work-station only uses SMB mounts quota will not report any quotas. * Managing Quotas
There is a certain amount of leeway in the quota limits and their enforcement that provides an opportunity for users to manage their disc usage before hitting their hard limit. In the following example user "lily" has gone over her soft disc block limit.
She can still create files; with approximately 10% of overrun allowed until the hard limit is reached. However "lily" must remove enough files to drop back below the soft limit within six days. Otherwise her disc quota will expire and she will have to apply to a system administrator for help. A weekly check on disc quota should help you to avoid quota expiry. If you feel that your research requires more than the standard disc block and/or file number quotas, then you can request more from the CS help-desk. * Windows Since a Linux home corresponds to the networked H: drive on a Windows desktop you can check your quota by examining the properties of this drive from the "This PC" window:
* MAC There are two common ways from the MACOS desktop to find out how much disk space is available on a Mac volume. The first is to select it in the Finder and then choose “get info…”, which pops up a window providing some additional info about the volume:
A second way is, to enable the status bar on windows in the Finder. When opening a window to any folder on a volume, the status bar of that window, which appears at the bottom of the window, includes details of how many files are in that folder, and how much space is left on the volume in which that folder is located:
* Troubleshooting If you are having trouble logging in, after your account credentials have been accepted, then being over quota may be the issue. Another, typical, symptom is being unable to save files under your home directory even though they can still be written to a local disc drive (eg under /tmp). Nb if you are using Conda virtual environments then you might consider deleting old ones to restore disc space.

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