UG Year in Industry (COMP299): 2020-2021

This web site is primarily for students on their year in placement. The university is commited to supporting you during your placement and recognises there may be additional pressures due to COVID and (perhaps short term) changes that the Government or local authorities may introduce, and how your company reacts.

Please ensure you keep us up to date regarding your working conditions during this COVID-19 crisis by emailing with any changes (such as switching from working from home to going in to an office, and particularly if your address or other contact details change). We treat this information in confidence but need it in case we need to contact you quickly.

Information for your Placement and Assessments

The main source of information for those currently on a placement is as below. Please note as we transition from one set of students finalising their placements to those just starting theirs, we will need to update some information. Please bookmark this page to find the latest information available.

Specific dates to be aware of for 2020-2021 academic year:
Introductory report By agreement with student and academic placement tutor
Log bookShould be used daily or weekly to record key events. Deadline of submission of logbook is one week prior to the presentation
Presentation During the 2nd visit of the Supervisor (which is likely to be done online this year), before end of placement and before 16th of July 2021.
Final report (aka Dissertation) Noon, 30th July

Meanwhile please see the following previous sets of information. Note that the processes remain the same:

For further information

Companies and students can ask any question about the process, or how to get involved in placements by contacting:
Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen
Department of Computer Science
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 3BX