The TASC Group

The TASC (Teaching And Scholarship in Computing) group brings together those staff members of the Computer Science Department who are active in the Teaching and Scholarship role. The group's aims are to explore innovative ways of enhancing learning and teaching, and to encourage dissemination and take-up of proven techniques. In particular, we want to become a focal point for the effective use of computer technology for L&T purposes. Although a relatively recent addition to the Department, the group has already been successful in getting several learning-related projects off the ground.

The group members are:

David Jackson

David has received the Sir Alistair Pilkington Award for Teaching Excellence, and also a Faculty Learning and Teaching Award. He was awarded a two-year Teaching Fellowship in recognition of his contributions to learning and teaching. He has produced a number of refereed publications on pedagogical research, including work on automatic coursework marking, algorithm visualisation, animation and distance learning. His current interests focus on enhancing learning in lecture environments via network-based interaction and self-testing.

Floriana Grasso

Floriana has been a member of the Department since 1998, and has a long standing expertise in online learning. She is Chair of the Board of Examiners and Deputy Director of Studies of the online suite of MSc programmes delivered in the Department. With her background in argumentation and computer interfaces, she is interested in student engagement with learning, and how automatic tools can be implemented to advise and motivate students. She has led the Athena SWAN group which secured the Bronze Award for the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, and she is active in promoting the participation of women in Computer Science.

Phil Jimmieson

Phil has an interest in mobile and ubiquitous computing, including user interface design and creating programs "for real humans to use". His project "In My Shoes" was judged a 4* Impact Case for the Computer Science department in REF2014. He was the technical consultant on the very successful LIFTUPP project developed in the School of Dentistry and produced a number of bespoke software tools to support it. He has lots of experience of working closely with students on practical programming assignments and, as part of the TASC group, most recently supervised a Faculty Enhancement Project involving the communication of complex concepts.

Sebastian Coope

Sebastian has over 30 years experience working with and within the software development industry developing both small and large scale systems. His teaching work at the University has focused on Software Engineering disciplines, including OO analysis and design, object design patterns, software testing and software development tools. His recent work has involved the development of an automatic marking tool to aid in the assessment of large student cohorts. He is also working on a software development WiKi with Keith Dures to provide support for student project work.

Keith Dures

Keith is a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool, with full experience in course development (academic and commercial), teaching and supervision at all levels. As a member of the TASC group he is interested in the development of applications for improving teaching and learning. He has research interests in knowledge discovery in databases, data mining and further interests in programming development and security. His membership of a team leading several on-line programmes in computer science at MSc level delivered wholly over the Internet affords a great experience in having contact with a world-wide cohort of mature students from very wide-ranging backgrounds and experiences. On campus, he is a module co-ordinator and supervisor for Honours and MSc projects and a member on several committees/groups etc.